Welcome To Al-Gharbia For Essential Oils and Aromatic Products

Al-Gharbia for Essential Oil and Aromatic Products Company is a specialized company in cultivation and manufacturing of aromatic products. We have more than 20 years of experience in providing to the biggest manufacturers that are specialized in aromatic chemicals, fragrances, flavors and aromatherapy. Al-Gharbia Aromatics & Cosmetics Company applies the best ways of cultivation in it’s own fields. Our company has a big factory which has belonged to KATO AROMATIC since 1980. This factory works all throughout the year to maintain all harvest seasons. Other than that, we have a specialized laboratory equipped with the latest technology and run by top class chemists. Our main goal is to produce premium high-quality products. We also have the ability to produce and provide you with all types of essential oil‘s, concrete and absolutes. Our company strives to always work on improving it’s entity and expanding it’s business volume locally, as well as internationally.

CV of CEO Manager

ENG Mohamed Abo Jabin

MR Mohammed is the owner of the company who started working at the bottom ranks.
Unlike most company owners, he gained his experience and expertise by first hand doing all the raw work his own employees do today.
He started work in 1960.
He worked in a factory called Fakhry.
In this time, there were a lot of tourists and people from all over who would visit the factory.
He picked up traits, skills and attributions from them on how to produce items.
From this, he kept getting promotions and continued to reach higher ranks in his job until he became the manager of the entire factory in 1975.
He continued to work with them in this position until 2000.
There was a company named KATO Aromatic that he rented in 2003.
Beginning 2003 he started to sell his products throughout the country.
Then in 2019, he bought the factory.
Since then, he has been trying to grow and improve his company on his own, as well as he possibly can.
This makes him trust that everything coming in and out of his company is the best it possibly could be. Perfection is the goal here at Al Gharbia.

Our Goal:

We are interested in expanding our company all across the globe and going above and beyond our customers’ expectations. As well as, making sure we have satisfaction guaranteed with all of our products. One of our main concerns is to build long term business relationships that everyone involved benefits and is happy from.

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