Welcome To Al-Gharbia Aromatics & Cosmetics Company

Al-Gharbia Aromatics & Cosmetics Company is one of the specialized companies in cultivation and manufacturing of aromatic products. We have more than twenty years of experience of providing the biggest manufacturers who are specialized in aromatic chemicals ,fragrances , flavors and aromatheraby. 
Al-Gharbia Aromatics & Cosmetics Company applies the best ways of cultivation in its own fields. Our company has a big factory which was belongs to KATO AROMATIC since 1980 the factory which works all over the year to maintain all harvest seasons. Besides, we have a specialized laboratory equipped with the latest technology and run by first class chemists and perfumers. 
Our main concern is to produce premium high quality products. We do have the ability to produce and provide you with all types of essential oils, concretes and absolutes. The company always works on improving its entity and expanding its business volume locally and internationally. 
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